We’re all about top-tier quality. When it
comes to restaurants, we provide the
finest raw ingredients to ensure a
consistent, mouthwatering taste across all our brands. As for our retail partners,
we deliver the trendiest products right to
your doorstep. Quality is our priority, and
it shows in every bite and product.

Boost your sales with our in-demand virtual brands

At Local eCommerce, we host a range of e-commerce brands that are available for licensing.
Some of the brands that we offer include:

Data-Driven Decisions

We dig deep into the data and use it to create killer promotions that boost sales like nobody's business.

Staying Ahead of the Game

Our brand is always on top of the latest market trends, so we're always one step ahead.

Partners in Crime

We team up with other companies to bring even more customers to our brand.

Viva La Birria

A brand that’s all about Birria – a delicious Mexican delight that’s taken the world by storm. It’s a hit among Mexican food enthusiasts!


These aren’t just cookies; they’re super cookies! Made from the finest ingredients and with a secret recipe that’ll make you a cookie fanatic.


Bubble tea lovers, rejoice! Boba is here to satisfy your cravings with a range of teas, milk tea, and smoothies. The best part? You don’t need any special training. Our Botrista robot can whip up the most delicious drinks in seconds.

Comming Soon

Nona is your go-to for mobile app gifts and super cool stuff. Get your orders as fast as 15 minutes and license this high-impact brand for your retail space. Sorry, it’s not available for restaurants.



Join the revolution of retail shopping with trending items, swift delivery, and unmatched customer service!

Coming Soon

All our brands are high quality, for restaurants we provide raw food so all our brands taste the same, for retailers we send the trendy products directly to you.